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Sand Repellent Blankets & Bags – Get #BeachReady

Sand Repellent Blankets & Bags – Get #BeachReady

Captiv8 Supply: Spending the day at the beach is always fun until it’s time to pack up and go home. Your car, beach bag and even all of the items inside your beach bag get covered in sand and by the time you get home, you are too burnt out to even worry about cleaning it all up.

To avoid this, check out these SAND REPELLENT beach blankets and bags! The beach blanket makes sure you leave the sand at the beach, and don’t take it home in your clothes or car! Add the bag to create the ultimate summer collection.

The blanket is 45″ x 60″, 100% polyester blend and dries very quickly. It rolls up easily and stays secure with a black woven wrap with Velcro (which you can also embroider with your logo!) Colors include coastal blue, lime, red, orange and royal blue.

The bag comes in the same colors as well, so you can create the perfect collection that your clients will absolutely love.

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