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#OnTrend: Marble Print – Modern, Sleek & Stylish

#OnTrend: Marble Print – Modern, Sleek & Stylish

Captiv8 Supply: According to Refinery29, “Certain trends we start noticing gradually. Then, without much build-up (or, before you can pat yourself on the back for your keen eye), they’re everywhere. That’s exactly what happened with marble: Right when the rock-as-photoreal-print seemed to be having a home-decor moment, it had already made its way onto our Instagram feeds in the form of brunch tablescapes and minimalist shots of hands holding espresso cups, adorned with delicate knuckle rings. Next time, maybe don’t blink — because marble’s gone fashion.

Now the pattern has spread from the one-off phone case to shoe soles, T-shirts, and party dresses.”

Now, marble has even made it’s way to the promotional product industry, allowing you to customize marble water bottles, bags, pillows, mugs and so much more. Take a look at some of our favorites below!

Marbled Tote Bags

Marble and Bamboo Coaster Set

Marble Copper Vacuum Insulated 17oz Bottle

Marble Mug


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