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Getting to know Captiv8…Tori Brennan

Getting to know Captiv8…Tori Brennan


Name: Victoria Brennan
Position/Title: Senior Account Executive 

How long have you been at Captiv8?: Over 10 years! This was my first job out of college

Where did you go to College: Columbia

What is your favorite promotional product? Sunglasses – but cool ones like the faux Ray-Ban Wayfarers or Aviators

On my days off, you will find me: Hanging out in the ‘burbs with my husband and two little daughters 

You might be surprised to know that I…cannot cook anything

My favorite TV show is: Too many to list just one – Mad Men, Girls, The Real Housewives of Anywhere, Top Chef. If Bravo produces it, I will watch it. 

This morning on my way to work, I listened to: Paul Simon, Daft Punk, Madonna, The Allman Brothers

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